Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Views of Kettles of Swainson's Hawks Today

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-73
Turkey Vultures-8

As predicted, the wind remained light as the breeze picked up at 8:25A from the southeast. Kettles of SW's began to rise from the date farm at 8:25A and continued for 15 minutes. Some Swainson's streamed low to the west. Most of the SW's passed over the count site. Turkey Vultures began to lift-off from Pekoff farm at 9:40A. The temperature ranged form mid 50's to 68.

This week Don Callejon middle school in Santa Clara, Wilson Junior High in  El Centro and Anderson Middle school from Shasta county  visited the Borrego Valley Hawkwatch  LIVE via videoconference. Thank you for visiting the Borrego Valley Hawkwatch and being interested in conservation projects that help to preserve and protect the species of our planet. People like you can make a difference in their local areas by learning about the habitats that various species need to survive.

Perched Swainson's Hawks in the Date Farm 3/8/12

Evening Watch:
A pleasant evening as over 50 Turkey Vultures were observed coming into the Roadrunner Club. At least 15 and perhaps more Swainson's Hawks dropped into the Date Farm

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Winds should be light with lift-off between 8:30A and 9:30A. A good spot to view the hawks and vultures is the evening watch site on Borrego Valley Road, the junction of Big Horn and Di Giorgio Rd and the day site on Di Girogio.

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