Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hopefully the Big Push Will Develop Soon

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-12
Turkey Vultures-14

Weather today was sunny with stringy clouds and warming into the 80's and light wind. At 8:45A the first Swainson's was observed low over Ellis. It flapped its way toward Coyote Canyon. All of the SW's moved in small groups of 2 or 3. There was some aerial feeding over the potato fields to the east of Ellis. TV's lifted off from both the Date Farm and east of the Roadrunner Club. Very little kettling today.

Does this look like a kettle? TV's 3/29/12
What is a kettle? As the raptors begin to rise on warm air, they circle about creating the image of a kettle. Use your imagination.

Evening Watch:
Not much to report. Four TV's and 7 Swainson's Hawks dropped into the Date Farm.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Warm calm weather predicted for tomorrow. It looks like we have a few Swainson's Hawks that are hanging around. Best place to view takeoff is at the evening site on Borrego Valley Road.

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