Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Summary

Migration Today
Swainson's Hawks-3
Turkey Vultures-4

Brisk, chilly NW wind 20-25 mph, clear sky. TV's began to lift-off at 7:50A probably from the date farm. They moved north past Ellis Farm and then northwest via Coyote Canyon. The SW's were spotted over Roadrunner then streaming northwest via De Anza. Pictured today is a Swainson's Hawk on breeding grounds near Sacramento, CA. from a few days ago.
Swainson's Hawk from a few days ago
Courtesy of Suzie Sjnishio

Monthly totals: February 15-February 29
Turkey Vultures totaled 182 this February. The highest Feb. total for TV's was 595 in 2005. The lowest total was 107 in 2007. The average for the past 9 years is 305.

Swainson's Hawks totaled 78 this February. The highest Feb. total for SW's was 384 in 2005. The lowest toal was 12 in 2007. The average for the past 9 years is 179

Red-tailed Hawks totaled 6. The average is 9. Only 2 White-tailed Kites were observed in Feb in the last 9 years. One this year and one in 2004. Missing the month were Ospreys, Northern Harriers, Sharp-shinned Hawks, Cooper's Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawks, Ferruginous Hawks, Merlins, Peregrines and Prairie Falcons. In past years some of the above migrated in February.

Evening Watch:
Fourteen Swainson's Hawks and 21 TV's blew into town this evening on winds up to 60 mph. The TV's may have set down at the Roadrunner RV park. One SW touched down in the date farm, the rest stayed up late to play in the wind.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Continued very windy with gusts to 45 mph. Both the TV's and SW's will leave town early.



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