Friday, March 2, 2012

Breezy With Some Migration Today

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-11
Turkey Vultures-29

60's today and sunny with a slight breeze from the southwest. At 8:16A SW's began to lift off from Roadrunner. By 8:30A 18 TV's were reported at the mouth of Palm Canyon. At 9:37A TV's were spotted heading toward Coyote Canyon. The map below of Borrego Springs provides a view of the mouth of Coyote Canyon and the surrounding mountains. The green sections are the citrus groves. Most of the migrating raptors move over the citrus groves and exit the canyon pictured in the upper left portion of the map (Northwest). The red A is an indicator of downtown Borrego Springs. The day site for counting is three roads to the east and just south of the citrus groves.

Evening Watch:
A few Swainson's and TV's were observed. No big dropout this evening.

Prediction for tomorrow:
The wind will diminish overnight. Only a few raptors are expected to migrate.

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