Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stable Weather and Hawks Trickle In

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-79
Turkey Vultures-15

Light Morph Swainson's Hawk
Skies were clear and blue for a few hours before a haze from the east moved in. Wind was cam to a light breeze. At 9:15A 11 Swainson's lifted off from Ellis Farms kettled up and streamed into Coyote Canyon. Several distant kettles of 10-20 birds were seen at the back of Ellis, probably at the potato fields. Several nice kettles wee observed between Ant Hill and Inspiration before all streamed into Coyote Canyon. At 10:30A 11 TV's were seen circling above roadrunner. One lone dark morph SW was spotted near De Anza. 

Why are the number of hawks arriving in the evening always lower than the number of hawks leaving the next day? See Prediction below.

Evening Watch:
At 6:15P TV's and some Swainson's were spotted to the south near Roadrunner Club. The SW's streamed to the Date Farm and began to kettle up. Other SW's joined the mix from the north. In all, 46 Swainson's were counted going to roost in the back of the date farm. 

Prediction for Tomorrow:

The number of hawks observed arriving at roosts is almost always lower than the number leaving the following day. We can predict anywhere from 46-100 Swainson's leaving tomorrow. The sky will be clear and the wind calm. Departure will be around 9A. A good place to view the hawks will be on Di Giorgio Rd. north of the Springs RV park. 


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