Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Waiting for the Big Day

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-42
Turkey Vultures--5

View of the mountains at 7:30P Today
Weather was calm, warm with only a light breeze. Just after 9A a Swainson's Hawk took off and headed into Coyote Canyon followed by 13 SW's from The Springs RV Park. Turkey Vultures kettled up at 9:30A and headed west then northwest out of the valley. The wind picked up after 10A and more SW's migrated possibly from Ellis Farm. At 11A a late arrival of 23 Swainson's were spotted along Coyote Mountain. We have been getting late arrivals in this direction for a few days now. This indicates a roost site near Ocotillo Wells.

Why do you watch for incoming hawks after the sun goes down. Our photo today is the sky at 7:30P. The hawks would have no problem negotiating the sky in this light. Almost every evening we have very late incoming hawks.

Evening Watch:
Around 25 Swainson's and 24 TV's came in to roost at the Date Farm this evening. We had a great sky and were very optimistic about a big drop in. March 28, last year we had over 1,800 Swainson's.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Unless we have a surprise visit of hawks from roost sites further south or east, we can expect around 30 Swainson's Hawks and 24 TV's to take off between 8 and 9A. The hawks will probably take off from the Date Farm. The best place to view the lift off is the evening site on Borrego Valley Road.

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