Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Hawks Migrating Today

Looking north on Feb 20th, 2012
Migration Today-0

Sunny, 70 degrees and a slight wind. No hawks moved past the watch.  Pictured here is a view north after a snowfall at high elevation. Toro Peak is 8900' high. In the foreground are dead Tamarisk trees. Live tams are pictured a little further out.

Evening Watch:
14 Turkey Vultures came in at 5P and flew north. The roost site has not been identified. Often early evening vultures are followed by Swainson's Hawks. It is possible that late SW's have arrived. This is the optimistic view.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Continued warm conditions with light wind are predicted for tomorrow. The TV's will probably be flying after 9A tomorrow. We will see upper 80 degree weather by Monday and continuing for the next 2 weeks. Late evening flights should start to develop soon.

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