Saturday, March 24, 2012

ALERT-Over 300 Swainson's in Tonight

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-295
Turkey Vultures-63

At 8:40A kettles of Swainson's Hawks began to develop from the Date Farm. They continued to stream off the Eucalyptus Trees for 30 minutes. Kettles formed and streaming continued as the hawks moved north closer to the day site. They began to arial feed on ants. They began to drift east over the potato fields. Over 200 SW's moved about pouncing on flying ants. By 10A they began to stream out through Coyote Canyon. Several Turkey Vultures followed them out.

Swainson's showing a bow stature streaming to the roost 3/24/12

Why don't you count in the evening? We do count but it is difficult to get an accurate count as the hawks fly high and spread out. This evening is a good example. At least 75 SW's settled into the Ellis Farm. The remainder flew high and landed in the Date Farm. The day site is situated in an area that allows us to watch all directions as the hawks migrate.

Evening Watch:
Another spectacular evening. At 6:20P hundreds of Swainson's Hawks were observed far to the north. They kettled then streamed back and forth. Finally at 6:50P a huge stream moved over the night watch site. The SW's descended into the back of the Date Farm. Estimates range from 300 to 500 or more Swainson's and a handful of TV's

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Unfortunately we may experience early AM wind. This will spur the Swainson's to begin flying just after sunup at 6:45A or so. If lucky the wind will wait until later. Aerial feeding may take place. If so, the hawks will remain in the area a little longer. Best places to view the hawks are at the night site on Borrego Valley Road, or Di Giorgio Road north of The Springs RV Park or the day count site on Di Giorgio.

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