Monday, March 12, 2012

Biggest Day of the Year-ALERT for Tomorrow

Migration Today:

Swainson's Hawks-329 
Turkey Vultures-35   
Cooper's Hawk-1     

Streaming from Kettle to Kettle
A warm clear day with a slight breeze from the southwest. Lift-off from the date farm at 9:15A. Swainson's Hawks formed at least 3 kettles and began streaming back and forth between the kettles. A great day to observe kettles forming, followed by streaming and more kettles forming.

Part of a large kettle 3/12/12
Where do the hawks go after leaving Borrego Valley? Most of our hawks move through Coyote Canyon and exit near Anza. We have little information as to the whereabouts of the SW's after Anza. Tonight's destination is unknown. Unfortunately we get few reports of the Swainson's Hawks when they leave here. Perhaps the hawks with radio transmitters will shed some light on the next destination.

Evening Watch:
Another exciting evening as over 100 Swainson's Hawks meandered about before settling in a few different locations. Most of the hawks are in the date farm. At least 32 are located in a large Eucalyptus Tree north of The Springs RV park. The rest may be at De Anza or Pekoff Farm. Twenty-four Turkey Vultures were last seen moving south.

Prediction for Tomorrow:
Hopefully the wind predicted for tonight will calm down by sunup. If so the hawks will begin to kettle between 9A and 9:45A. Expect the number to be over 100 and possibly much higher as more birds may come in late. Best places to view the hawks are Di Giorgio Rd around Big Horn or at the evening site on Borrego Valley. The official day site is also good as the leader and volunteers can help you locate hawks.


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