Saturday, March 9, 2013

100 Raptors in This Evening-March 10, 2013

Pam Albers
Assisted by: Rose Leong and Hal Cohen

Migration Today:

Partly cloudy with a breeze from the northwest and temperature in the 50's. Lift off of TV's from the Roadrunner at 8A.

I was asked a question about the progress of migration so far this season. I will only compare 2013 with 2012 during the same period of time. In 2012 by this date we had 313 Turkey Vultures and 228 Swainson's Hawks. To date this year (2013) we have had 496 Turkey Vultures and 466 Swainson's Hawks. We will continue to compare the data with other years and look at averages for all species in upcoming blogs. Taking only a few figures only tells us that we are now ahead of last season. Most of our Swainson's Hawks show up in the next 3 weeks. Days with several hundred are possible. 

Evening Watch:
At least 100 Swainson's Hawks mixed with Turkey Vultures flew in this evening early. It was difficult to count the birds as they put down very quickly in the Date Farm and unknown roosts to the west.

Remember there will be a time change at 2A tomorrow. The wind may diminish tomorrow morning (predicted 6mph from the west at 7A). It could become breezy by 10A. A good place to observe migration will probably be on Di Giorgio Road about 1 mile north of Palm Canyon Rd. Take off in the new time will be somewhere around 8:30-9:30A. If it remains windy early the hawks will depart by 8A new time.

View From the Hill of Toro Peak With Snow (8719')-3/9/13-HC

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