Friday, March 1, 2013

The Month of February in Comparison

Migration Thursday February 28
3 Swainson's Hawks

We finished the month of February with 99 Swainson's Hawks counted. In the past ten years the average February count has been 170.7 SW's. Our best Swainson's season so far was 2011 when 8,894 SW's were counted. The February count for 2011 was 276. Our lowest SW total count took place in 2009 with only 1,876 SW's counted. In 2009 the February count was 147. We believe that our lower than average February count this year is not indicative of the rest of the season to come. You can check out the data from each year at Select monthly summaries and scroll to Borrego Valley Hawkwatch. We now are in our 11th year of counting.

Also counted during February:
349 Turkey Vultures; 1 Osprey; 1 Northern Harrier; 2 Red-tailed Hawks

March is our most active season. It is likely that some wildflowers will show up in the next few weeks. Perhaps caterpillars will also enter the picture. Hopefully we will enjoy a great flower season with active feeding by the Swainson's Hawks.

A Raven profile-Know this bird as we get many-HC

Looking east from the watch site-Pyramid peak and old grape stalks from the 50's/60's-HC

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