Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hot Still Air and Late Lift Off Again-3/12/13

Steve Bier
Assisted by: Rose Leong, Pam Albers, Joe Hopkins, Hal Cohen

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-57
Turkey Vultures-3

Again the weather was warm-60's-80 with calm wind. The Swainson's Hawks began to kettle up in loose groups from the Date Farm at 9:20A. They streamed west and appeared to migrate through Palm Canyon. Later kettles were spotted to the east at the potato fields. We will discuss the potato fields later.
Today we had a mix of light/intermediate and dark birds.

Evening Watch:
We witnessed several Swainson's Hawks as they settled down into the Date Farm. At least 50 were counted along with several Turkey Vultures.

Again the wind should be calm to light in the morning. The Swainson's Hawks will probably lift off around 9-9:30A. A good location to observe lift off is on Di Giorgio Road about 3/4 miles from Palm Canyon Drive.

Light and Intermediate morph SW's streaming to the west-3/12/13-HC
TV Getting ready to stretch on Di Giorgio Rd-3/12/13-HC

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