Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nice High Incoming Swainson's This Evening-3/3/13

Herb Stone
Assistants-Judy Davis & Rose Leong

Migration Today:

The first two SW's were light morphs and the 3rd a dark morph. They all eventually made it out of the valley through Coyote Canyon.

Evening Watch:
Under a beautiful sky we watched 3 SW's early followed by a very high group of 9 SW's. By 5:45P another group of 15 appeared. All of the SW's made probably touchdown in the back of the date farm.

Lenticular Clouds  coming off the Santa Rosa's-High Wind-HC
The wind is predicted to settle down. If it doesn't, at least 25 SW's will depart early (6:30-7A). If the wind dies down expect the SW's to kettle up around 8:45-9:15A. At least 5 TV's were observed, probably residents.

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