Saturday, March 23, 2013

ALERT-Interesting Behavior Today-March 23, 2013

Rose Leong and Wes Hetrick
Assisted by: Steve Bier, Laura Webb, Hal Cohen

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawk-127
Turkey Vultures-26
Rough-legged Hawk-1

The air was still early with no clouds. Temperatures ranged from low 70's-80. Most of the SW's were lined up in Tamarisk trees on Henderson Canyon Rd. Lift off from a few different roost areas including Ellis Farm, Date Farm and De Anza as well as Henderson. Lift off at 8:40A but not the usual kettling. Most of the hawks used powered flight to fly to Coyote Canyon. We never had the typical large kettles associated with lift off.

Evening Watch: ALERT
Counts ranging from 350 to 600 Swainson's this evening. They were almost directly over the day count site on Di Giorgio Rd. I watched over 75 stream into Coyote Canyon. The rest descended into Tamarisk trees west of Di Giorgio Rd and north of Henderson Canyon Rd.

Calm to light wind is predicted for tomorrow AM. The hawks will probably ring up and head toward Coyote Canyon.

Where and When:
It is best to come to the day site to find out the best place to watch the hawks. The number of hawks tomorrow will probably exceed 400. Many of the hawks are directly west of the count site. They will depart the valley between 8 and 9:30A

Coming into the Tamarisks-3/23/13-HC

Landing in the Tamarisks-3/23/13-HC

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