Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some wind and early lift off-March 21, 2013

Joe Hopkins
Assisted by: Pam Albers, Hal Cohen, Rose Leong, Wes Hetrick

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-176
Turkey Vultures-6
Unidentified Buteo-1

Some gusty wind early then settling down. Temperature range from 71-90. Becoming quite hot. A large kettle formed above the Date Farm at 7:25A. This group rose very high before disappearing to the southeast. Later these birds reappeared and moved out of the valley through Coyote Canyon.

Why are the hawks staying high instead of coming in to land on windy days? Our birds are "Wind Birds". They love wind and will stay up as long as they have some lift. Some studies also suggest that it takes more calories to sit and stay on a perch in the wind (constantly keeping steady) than kite and glide without flapping.

Evening Watch:
Not much happening this evening. 3 Swainson's and 19 TV's were observed.

Tomorrow hopefully will have some surprises however few birds came in this evening.

Where and When to Watch:
Check in at the day site with the sign below on Di Giorgio Rd south of Henderson Canyon. The leader will help you locate birds if they are present.

The Sign on Di Giorgio Rd

A TV on a dead coyote-3/21/13-HC
Watching the SW's early today take off-3/21/13-HC

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