Friday, March 8, 2013

Biggest Day This Season Despite Rain- 8A-March 8, 2013

Herb Stone
Assisted by: Hal Cohen, Joe Hopkins, Rose Leong, and Judy Davis

Migration Today;
Swainson's Hawks-177
Turkey Vultures-10

The morning started with rain before the watch hours. Temps ranged from 48-60 degrees. The sky was 95% cloudy with strong wind gusts from the N and NW. Observers at the Roadrunner Club watched SW's in Eucalyptus Trees and on the the ground. First lift off was at 8A from The Date Farm. Some of the ground SW's joined this large kettle (96 SW's). Additionally smaller kettles formed. The hawks kettled very high before streaming NW and out of the valley through Coyote Canyon. A few TV's moved with the hawks. Other TV's moved separately out of the valley. A few SW's remained in the valley after most departed. 

Evening Watch:
Forty five Turkey Vultures flew into the Roadrunner this evening. No Swainson's Hawks were observed coming into the valley.

The cool rainy weather will continue until early tomorrow morning. The wind will remain N-NW and brisk. The Turkey Vultures will take off early tomorrow 7-8A. We always hope for surprise Swainson's Hawks. Often some hawks will arrive after dark. However we have had a few days of Swainson's arrivals. Usually it takes a day or two to build up again. 

Watching Swainson's Hawks In a Field at 7:30A-3/8/13-HC
SW's in the Field-3/8/13-HC

SW in Eucalyptus Tree in Roadrunner Club-Ready to Fly-3/8/13-HC
Same SW in Flight-Very Dark Morph-3/8/13-HC

Migratory Bow-3/8/13-HC

Perfect Sky-Swainson's Hawks beginning to stream north-3/8/13-HC

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