Thursday, March 7, 2013

ALERT TONIGHT-Over 100 Swainson's in Town-March 7, 2013

Joe Hopkins
Assistants-Rose Leong and Hal Cohen

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-43
Turkey Vultures-8

We found a dozen SW's roosting on trees at the Fun Farm on Di Giorgio Rd. They began to relocate to the Date Farm before kettling up at 8A. They streamed north and out Coyote Canyon.

Evening Watch:
On a windy evening over 100 Swainson's descended into the Roadrunner Club. They were spooked by 2 Great-Horned Owls. Many SW's flew southwest to an unknown roost. The remainder are still at the Roadrunner Club.

Winds are predicted to diminish overnight. However there is a 70% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. We have witnessed flights in the rain however most often the hawks will remain in the area. Expect a late lift off if it is raining in the morning. It is also possible that the hawks will not fly tomorrow. We will be roaming around in search of the hawks tomorrow.

Nice Kettle Today-3/7/13-HC
Close-up of Swainson's Hawks-3/7/14-HC

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