Friday, March 22, 2013

A few Swainson's Today-ALERT Tonight-March 22, 2013

Pam Albers, Rose Leong and Wes Hetrick

Swainson's Hawks-3

A quiet day with light wind and few hawks. Only 3 Swainson's observed at 9:05A.

Why Borrego Valley? We don't know for sure. We can only surmise based on the past. The Valley provides great roost sites, food in abundance some years and thermals, updrafts, and wave lift (all associated with open fields, asphalt and the mountain ranges. The air movement provides an elevator to higher altitude and a gliding range with low caloric use. Evidently, Borrego Valley has been a traditional staging area for Swainson's Hawks at least in recent history. We have records that date back to 1957.

Evening Watch:
This evening we had a group of around 30 Swainson's Hawks descend into the Date Farm at 6:30P. At 6:55P we watched a huge kettle of Swainson's Hawks low to the north dropping into Tamarisks near the day count site. Estimated of 120-150 hawks in this group

Tomorrow the wind should be very light to calm (hopefully). If so the 150-200 or more Swainson's will depart the valley between 8-9:15A. Because we have two groups at two locations you might want to go to the day count site on Di Giorgio Rd just south of Henderson Rd.

When and Where to Watch:
Additionally there should be good viewing of the Date Farm birds from both the evening site on Borrego Valley Rd. and Di Giorgio Rd near Big Horn.

Coming in to roost-3/22/13-HC

The first kettle of the evening-3/22/13

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  1. Borrego Springs Elementary School is an excellent landmark for the Borrego Valley Road turnoff, not found by my GPS device and confusingly similar to Borrego Springs Road. Laura from out of town