Friday, March 15, 2013

Great Kettles Today-March 15, 2013

Joe Hopkins
Assisted by Rose Leong, Pam Albers, Herb Stone, Judy Davis, Hal Cohen

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-192
Turkey Vultures-2

A very late take off on a very hot calm wind day. At 9:50A kettles up to 50 began to form from a lift off at the Date Farm. The hawks tracked north and then northwest crossing Di Giorgio as several watchers had great looks. By 11A all the hawks had departed the valley.

Evening Watch:
Apparently there were no hawks this evening. The wind has picked up and a weather alert has been posted. Winds in excess of 30mph and gusts to 50 are predicted tonight into tomorrow AM.

At least 24 Swainson's were reported this evening. They landed in the Date Farm. One SW's was observed at Ellis Farm to the north of the evening site. It is possible that other SW's are at the Ellis Farm however the wind made it tough to observe this evening. Even with the hawks roosting, they probably would take off at first light. Unless there is a reversal of the forecast, expect few if any hawks in the morning. We have been fooled in the past. Rose and Pam will brave the wind tomorrow AM and will be at the hawkwatch.
Part of a large kettle-3/15/13-HC

One of a half dozen kettles-3/15/13-HC

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