Monday, March 18, 2013

Continued Good Swainson's Migration-3/18/13

Bob Theriault
Assisted by Rose Leong, Richard Yates
Scouts: Hal Cohen, Joe Hopkins, Steve Bier

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-221
Turkey Vultures-10

The weather was warm today-60-83 degrees. The largest kettle lifted off from the Date Farm and the Fun Farm. There were around 150 in the first group that moved a bit east before turning north and exciting at Coyote Canyon. At 10:20A 2 groups of SW's were spotted passing in front of Coyote Mountain. 

Evening Watch:
Shortly after 6PM a group of 27 Swainson's dropped into the Date Farm. Additionally a few more came in later. Totals of 30-35 Swainson's are roosting on the west side of the Date Farm. 

The wind hopefully will once again be light tomorrow morning. If so, the hawks will probably begin to kettle up between 8-9A.

Where to Watch:
Once again Di Giorgio Rd is the place to watch. Today the hawks did move north past the day count site. You might want to watch the hawks at the roost before driving north to intercept them at the day site.

First light on a tree with Sw's Hawks-3/18/13-HC

Same Tree a half hour later close up-How many Swainson's Hawks? 3/18/13-HC

Check out the eyes on this handsome bird-3/18/13-HC

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