Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nice Migration Today-3/5/13

Steve Bier
Assisted by: Rose Leong, Herb Stone, Judy Davis, Joe Hopkins, Larua Webb, Hal Cohen and others.

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-81
Turkey Vultures-18

On a calm warm morning the Swainson's slept in. At 9A there was some movement and at 9:15A the hawks began to kettle up. Some of the SW's began to feed on flying ants. Other SW's dropped into fields near Palm Canyon Rd.  For the next hour they meandered about before streaming west. They were joined by several TV's. The raptors left the valley through Palm Canyon. Count the birds in the photo's. The first shot is of the SW's in a Eucalyptus Tree on the Roadrunner Golf Course. The second shot is directly west of Di Giorgio Rd near Christmas Circle. The 3rd shot is through my scope at 32X. 

Evening Watch:
Counts varied but we believe that at least 35 Swainson's descended into the Roadrunner and back of the Date Farm. Numbers could be more by the count tomorrow. 

Unfortunately a brisk west wind is predicted for tomorrow. If the 25mph wind that is predicted, does materialize, the hawks will depart the valley at first light. If the wind diminishes before daylight we can expect a nice lift off around 9A. We will be out early on Di Giorgio Road near the Roadrunner Club.

How Many SW's?-3/5/13-HC

Again, How Many SW's and TV's-3/5/13-HC

Intermediate Morph SW's Through a Scope-3/5/13-HC

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