Friday, March 29, 2013

Nice Kettles Today-3/29/13

Bob Theriault
Assisted by:
Wes Hetrick, Pam Albers, Rose Leong
Scouts: Joe Hopkins, Hal Cohen

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-98

The weather was clear with scattered clouds and temperature from 62-84. Several Swainson's flew very low from the date farm ENE at 8A. At 8:40A lift off of 45 SW's from the Date Farm. They flew north and kettled above the solar farm. Two kettles formed and hawks moved back and forth providing a great show for photographers. They were joined by SW's from the east and finally departed through Coyote Canyon. SW's were observed near the Roadrunner and further south at 9A

Two kettles formed over the solar field. Check it out in the video:

Evening Watch:
A few Swainson's came in at 6:30P. At 7:05P around 45 flew into the Date Garden. Additionally at least 13 SW's settled into Ellis Farm.

Looks like another morning with calm wind tomorrow. Around 60 Swainson's are in the Date Farm and Ellis Farm

Where and When:
Best spots to begin to look for lift off are at the evening site on Borrego Valley Rd. Today we moved north on Borrego Valley Rd and watched a few nice kettles over the solar field. Also we had great looks at hawks moving across Borrego Valley Rd headed east. Figure on lift off between 8 and 8:45A.

A shot above the solar field-3/29/13

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