Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Few Hawks Today-March 20, 2013

Laura Webb
Assisted by: Wes Hetrick, Rose Leong, Anne Reilly and Pam Albers

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-12

An overcast day with temps around 75-80 and a bit more humid. At 8:35A lift off was from the east, probably near the potato fields. Some of the SW's began to aerial feed on flying ants.

Evening Watch:
An early fly-in  at 5:30P as around 100 Swainson's Hawks showed up from the east. They remained airborne for at least 45 minutes before descending into the Date Farm.

Tomorrow once again the prediction is for strong NW wind. If this does happen, the hawks will probably be airborne by 6:30 or 7A. A strong westerly wind will blow them east before they leave the valley. We might be lucky and they will return to fields near Borrego Valley Road before flying out.

When and Where to Watch:
As indicted above, the wind might come into play tomorrow early. We will have the leader and scouts out around 6:30A or earlier. Yesterday the hawks did get up early but began to fly east before returning to the count area after 8A. Watching lift-off early from the night site would work if the sand from the new solar fields doesn't get in your eyes. Check in at the day site on Di Giorgio Rd to find out where to watch.

The group this evening watching-3/20/13
Little Dots this evening-3/20/13

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