Wednesday, March 19, 2014

50 Swainson's Migrate Today-Wednesday March 19, 2014-ALERT-Over 300 Swainson's Hawks in Tonight

Laura, assisted by Rose, Wes and Pam

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-50
Turkey Vultures-5
Also observed: a Merlin and Osprey

No cloud cover and temperature 60-70 degrees and wind almost calm. First lift-off from Ellis Farm. There was a fire to the Northwest that attracted 8 SW's. More Swainson's came up from the Date Farm. The smoke obscured our vision to the north. Late hawks were sighted that brought the total to 50 SW's.

Evening Watch:
What a marvelous evening. After giving a hawk talk in town we went out to the evening site. At 6P a large kettle of hawks came in from the south. They streamed overhead and a larger kettle came in from the south again. The two groups came together over the Date Farm where they settled in. It was a tough count but estimates range from 300-400 hawks. One raptor looks like a White-tailed Kite, see below. Also check out the youtube.

Once again we have a huge mass of Swainson's in town. The wind should be calm to light tomorrow morning. We will be out early but the hawks will probably fly between 8 and 9A. They are mostly located in the Date Farm but some may have peeled off and landed elsewhere. DiGiorgio Rd about 1.5 miles north of Palm Canyon may be the place to be. Be prepared to move further north as the kettle forms. Watch out for soft sand.
First Large Kettle 3/19/14

A Closer Kettle 3/19/14

White-tailed Kite

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