Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Interesting Migration Today-March 18, 2014

Wes, assisted by Rose, Pam and Hal

Swainson's Hawks-140
Unidentified Buteo-1

The weather was cool and windy with heavy haze. The haze challenged us to pick up birds from a distance. Three kettles formed just before 9A with a total of 110 SW's. They all kettled up from the Date Farm. At 10:05A another kettle arrived with 30 SW's. Several folks had good looks at the first group of birds. A few of us chased the hawks to the beginning of Coyote Canyon to watch them leave the valley.

A question has come up concerning the number of hawks we have observed so early. Are we experiencing evidence of climate change? Let's see what happens over the next 2 weeks. Will we run out of hawks? The shots below taken by Iris Kilpatrick. This is the first photo's taken of a Swainson's Hawk with a branch in it's talons in Borrego Springs. Early nest construction?

Evening Watch:
This evening we had 19 Swainson's fly in from the south. The hawks were very high and some landed at Ellis Farm and the rest at the Date Farm.

Wind should be calm to light in the morning. Departure probably around 9A. Best viewing again from DiGiorgio Rd.
A nice shot of a Swainosn's Hawk with a branch-Iris Kilpatrick

Another shot of the same SW-Iris Kilpatrick

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