Sunday, March 2, 2014

ALERT-200 Plus Swainson's Dropped in This Evening-March 2, 2014

Rose Leong assisted by Joe Hopkins

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-7
Turkey Vultures-3

A few SW's lifted up after 9A followed by 5 probably from Pekoff Palm Farm.

Evening Watch:
At 3:45P we were alerted to high flying hawks above the Kingston Trio Concert at The Springs RV Park. We followed the Swainson's as they almost descended into the Roadrunner Club. They continued flying east, finally landing in Eucalyptus Trees directly east of the transformers on Borrego Valley Rd. They are about 1 mile north of Palm Canyon Rd on Borrego Valley Rd. They are about 1 mile east of the road. At least 175 were counted but estimates as high as 300 is possible. Some SW's landed in the trees frequented by Turkey Vultures along Palm Canyon Drive in the Roadrunner Club. Here is a second Youtube.

On March 3, 2011 we had 662 migrating Swainson's Hawks. The incoming hawks today are similar in behavior. On that date in 2011 the hawks came into town at 3:45P. They meandered about before settling down in De Anza. We had hawks at a few different locations. Tomorrow will be very interesting.

Wind should be light tomorrow early so the hawks will probably not leave early. Lift-off between 8:30 and 9AM. We will send out scouts to the last known location of the hawks. It is possible that hawks are in a few locations. Best viewing might be from Borrego Valley Rd about 1 mile north of Palm Canyon Drive. Look east to see if the hawks are still in the trees about 1 mile away.
Streaming Swainson's at Roadrunner Club-3/2/14
High Streaming-3/2/14
Low Streaming 3/2/14
Settling in to trees-3/2/14
Sunset 3/2/14

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