Friday, March 28, 2014

Finally The Wind Settles Down-More Hawks-150 Dropped In Tonight-Friday March 28, 2014

Joe, assisted by Hal, Wes, Rose, Pam and Herb

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-25
Turkey Vultures-1

Mostly clear with a very light breeze from the west and temperatures from mid-50's to 70's.

We were surprised by the number of SW's in trees near the day site. Swainson's Hawks came up from several locations today. Apparently the wind dispersed the SW's in the valley. We are now hoping that the settled weather will bring in lots of SW's this weekend.

Evening Watch:
Nice views of at least 4 waves of hawks coming in finally coming together as one big kettle. Around 150 hawks have landed in the Date Farm. Some TV's came in with the Swainson's Hawks.

Light wind tomorrow so lift-off around 8:30-9A. Beat viewing form DiGiorgio Rd about 1.5 miles north of Palm Canyon Rd.

Streaming in above us-March 28, 2014
Dropping into the Date Farm-March 28, 2014

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