Monday, March 31, 2014

Tough Day Today-No Migrants-3/31/14

Hal, assisted by Joe and Wes


After several very nice migration days we had a 0 day. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of last season-very few hawks after this date. A very sunny day with WNW wind blowing up to 12mph.

March totals and highlights: We ended March with 3,869 Swainson's Hawks. The total for the season thus far is 4,032 SW's. We had several days in triple digits in March. Five days of 100-200; 2 days with 200-300; 3 days with 300-400; 1 day over 400 and a big day of 701.

Sorry for the error yesterday-forgot to put the Dragon in-See below. Yesterday evening we had no birds so the dragon was the big event.

Question: Where are Sunset and Indianhead peaks? Below see photo's of Indianhead and San Ysidro Mtn's. Both to the West of the count site. Sunset Mtn. is South of the count site. Often we have kettles forming in the direction of Sunset and Indianhead

Evening Watch:
Apparently no Swainson's Hawks in the valley this evening. Several Turkey Vultures were observed over the Roadrunner Club.

The current wind conditions continue. We are expecting more strong wind tomorrow. We are still hoping for another wave of hawks in the next few days. A front will be moving through the valley in the next few days with the possibility of rain on Wednesday.

The West View-San Ysidro to the left and Indianhead to the right. The line of trees in the foreground are old Tamarisks that are now dying off as the water has been cut off. The Tamarisks were used for wind breaks for the grape orchards. 
The South View-Sunset Mtn. to the left and Whale Peak to the right-The stakes in the foreground are old redwood grape stacks from the 50' and 60's. The white pipes are standpipes for some of the old irrigation (before pvc). 
Australian Bearded Dragon At The Hawkwatch March 30, 2014

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