Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nice Hawkwatch This Evening-ALERT- Wednesday March 5, 2014

Laura, assisted by Joe and Rose

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-4

Partly cloudy sky (great hawkwatching sky) but few hawks today.

Evening Watch:
At 4:50P a large group of Swainson's Hawks descended into the Date Farm-around 100 SW's. At 5:10P a second group came in numbering around 80 SW's. Estimates of 180-250 SW's for tomorrow. This season we have had Swainson's fly in a bit early in the evening.. We can only speculate as to why. Perhaps the roosting area the previous night, in Mexico, has been compromised. The hawks may have to fly further north to roost. This would put them closer to Borrego Springs. Check out the youtube from this evening.

Light wind to begin the day tomorrow. Lift-off between 8:20A and 9A. Why the earlier times. As the days proceed, daylight hours increase. The hawks are stimulated by light and air movement. The best viewing areas include about 1 mile north of Palm Canyon Drive on DiGiorgio Rd or at the day site on Digiorgio Rd, 2.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive. I will be on DiGiorgio Rd at the 1 mile mark for photography.

Looks Like a Hawk? This Evening

Great Sunset-3/5/14


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  1. I enjoyed being a part of this evenings watch. I had been wanting to see this for about 5 years and picked a great day to visit the area. Nice meeting all the nice bird watchers! Denise Riddle, Oceanside, CA