Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wind Continues With Lots of Blowing Sand and Dust-Thursday March 26, 2014

Judy Davis, assisted by Joe and Wes.

Turkey Vultures-2

A windy day with gusts up to 16mph and increasing through the day. Temperature range from 60's to low 70's. Two TV's streamed past the hill heading north. We believe that migration continued throughout the windy period. Historically we are in the middle of the best migration. It is very possible that the poor observing conditions were ideal for migrating raptors. Strong wind from any direction will put the hawks high and moving fast.

Evening Watch:
Once again wind was a factor this evening although not as bad as previous days. At least 3 Swainson's came in to roost at the Date Farm.

Wind should be much lighter tomorrow. We are due for a big migration in the next few days. Expect only a few birds tomorrow early but watch out for hawks that have roosted further south. Check in at the day site on DiGiorgio Rd.
Dark Morph Swainson's Hawk

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