Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wonderful Kettling and Streaming Displays For Everyone Today-Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pam assisted by Rose, Hal and Wes

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-134
Turkey Vultures-13
Northern Harrier-1

Weather ranged from 60-80 degrees with calm wind. A late lift-off at 9:12A from the Date Farm and Roadrunner Club. Two nice kettles of Swainson's were joined by 24 SW's from the airport area to the east. It took an hour for the hawks and TV's to depart the valley. At 11:05A a kettle of 49 SW's was sighted to the south. These hawks flew directly over the watch site. Turkey Vultures were found in all of the kettles. A Northern Harrier migrated early today. It appears that all or the raptors departed through Coyote Canyon. The stream photo below sprung a surprise! The plane was not observed until the shot was looked at in iPhoto. Was it streaming with the SW's?

Evening Watch:
Lot's of viewers and 19 Swainson's Hawks finally made an appearance at 6:45P. The number may be a bit higher as some of the SW's moved from the Date Farm to Ellis Farm. Also 2 Harriers were seen at a distance.

Wind should be calm to very light tomorrow morning. Expect some kettling activity to begin between 8:45A and 9:15A. Best viewing from either the evening site on Borrego Valley Road-1.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive, or Borrego Valley Road and Henderson Canyon Rd. Henderson Canyon Rd is located north of the night site at a stop sign. Today we had 134 SW's and we only saw around 40 last night. So anything could happen tomorrow.

A Dark Morph SW along Palm Canyon Drive-3/23/14

Northern Harrier-3/23/14

Surprise! TV and SW's streaming and when blownup a commercial jet was found at the bottom of the photo-3/23/14 

Turkey Vultures roosting at Roadrunner Club-3/23/14

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