Monday, March 3, 2014

Great Hawk Day in Borrego Springs-351 Swainson's Hawks-March 3, 2014

Hal assisted by Joe, Rose, and Richard

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-351
Turkey Vultures-14
Other Hawks observed but not migrating: 2 Red-Shouldered Hawks; 3 Red-tailed Hawks; 2 Kestrels; 1 Cooper's Hawk

Most of the SW's found yesterday evening roosted east of Borrego Valley Rd. They began to lift off at 8:45A. They crossed Borrego Valley Rd and landed in the Date Farm. At 9A the first wave of SW's lifted off (226) in this group. Calm wind with little lift prompted the hawks to kettle slowly up. A second group of 106 SW's began to kettle up at 9:15A. Hawks were streaming back and forth from kettle to kettle. By 9:30A all of the hawks moved north crossing directly above the hawkwatch. Additional SW's joined the large kettle. The Turkey Vultures probably roosted at Pekoff Farm. By 10A the Swainson's Hawks reached Coyote Canyon. You can access a SW youtube at

Evening Watch:
Five Swainson's Hawks flew into the Date Farm. No additional incoming hawks were observed. These may be hawks that have been in the area for a few days.

Calm wind to begin the day tomorrow. The SW's will probably depart around 9A. They may not migrate. Hopefully we will have some surprise hawk visitors from outlying roost sites.

Count Them-3/3/14
A Closer View 3/3/14
One of two Red-shouldered Hawks from the hawk watch-3/3/14

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