Sunday, March 16, 2014

Calm Wind-Late Take-off Today-Saturday March 16, 2014

Wes assisted by Rose, Pam and Hal and two youngsters from De Anza and Brooklyn, NY (Scott and Judy)

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-66
Turkey Vultures-1

After the early departure yesterday we arrived before 7A today but waited until 9:30A for lift-off. The Swainson's Hawks were spread throughout the Roadrunner Club in Eucalyptus Trees. They lifted-off and flew west and then north to depart the valley. A few shots below indicate how close they were to viewers.

Evening Watch:
Again we had incoming Swainson's Hawks. At 5:30P and again at 6:30P. The first arrival included around 40 SW's. Estimates of the second group of around 30-40 SW's. We figure around 75 birds will depart tomorrow. The first group settled into the Roadrunner Club. The second group flew into the Date Farm.

Wind should be light to moderate from the west in the morning. Expect lift-off a little earlier-perhaps by 8A. However the wind predicted and wind encountered have been a bit off. They could delay again with dead wind. The hawks today went over DiGiorgio Rd around 1.25 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive.
Another look at the great Peregrine we encountered on Saturday-by Ted Spriggs Jr.
Adult Light Morph-by Ted Spriggs Jr. 
Intermediate Morph-by Ted Springgs Jr. 

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