Thursday, March 6, 2014

Great Kettle Views Today-March 6, 2014-ALERT-Over 100 Swainson's landed in the Date Farm This Evening

Herb, assisted by Rose, Judy, Joe, Hal and others

Swainson's Hawks-166
Turkey Vultures-11

Lift-off from the Date Farm at 8:45A but most of the hawks put down again on a Tamarisk line east of Big Horn. Around 105 birds were counted in the trees. A large kettle and smaller kettles formed by 9A. All of the hawks streamed north to Coyote Canyon. Check out the youtube at
Eleven Turkey Vultures moved from the Date Farm heading northwest.

Evening Watch:
This evening over 100 Swainson's Hawk dropped into the date farm. They stayed high until darkness as the wind was blowing at 20mph.

Wind is expected to be around 6mph tomorrow morning. This may prompt the hawks to lift-off a bit early. If the wind picks up before sunup, the hawks could leave before 8A.

Nice Close View of SW's Today
Three Morphs-Light to the left, dark below and intermediate above
Perched Dark Morph SW
3 Dark Morphs

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