Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finally Some TV's Moving (Turkey Vultures)-March 4, 2014

Steve, assisted by Rose and Joe

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-7
Turkey Vultures-46

Before 9A the Turkey Vultures lifted-off near the Roadrunner Club. Two Harriers were observed but did not migrate. The Swainson's Hawks lifted-off from a few different locations. A question came up concerning the "migratory bow." Below is a shot of a SW with wings set back, going into the wind. The wing shape provides lift with less resistance.

Evening Watch:
Only 4 Swainson's were observed coming in to roost.

Wind again tomorrow will be calm to light in the morning hours. Lift-off probably around 8:45-9A. Often in March we have incoming hawks from outlying roost locations. These hawks usually arrive around 10A.

Migratory Bow

Nice shot of a close SW-Courtesy of Frank Sterrett

The greeter at Hawk Hill

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