Friday, March 7, 2014

A Surprise Migration Today-Friday March 7, 2014

Joe assisted by Hal, Mark, Rose, Richard

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-309
Turkey Vultures-17

The wind today was calm to light today, fooled us a bit. We got out early concerned that the hawks would take off  by 7A in the wind. We had trouble finding the SW's in the Date Farm. Finally they were located in a few Eucalyptus Trees tucked into the interior. At 8:35A the SW's began to kettle up. They eventually streamed past the hawk count site to kettle up again over Hawk Ridge. In all 205 were counted. Now the surprise-At 9:30A and 10A two large kettles of SW's and TV's were located due west of the center of town. These birds appeared to migrate up Palm Canyon. However from the day watch site they appeared to move along the base of the mountains toward Coyote Canyon. These hawks probably roosted near Ocotillo Wells.

Evening Watch:
No apparent migration this evening.

The wind should be light tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some hawks arriving from distant roost sites however we do not anticipate a migration.
View into the Date Farm-3/7/14 AM
Lift-off 8:35A 3/7/14
Closer View Today-Courtesy of Betty & Ken Oka 
No hawks this evening however this sunset!

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