Monday, March 24, 2014

A View From The Hill-Not Bad Today With Few Swainson's Hawks-Monday March 24, 2014

Hal, assisted by Wes, Rose and Joe

Migration Today:
Swainson's Hawks-27


Weather was partly cloudy and temperature from 60-80 degrees by 11A. The wind was calm to slight breeze from the south. We watched a fire at 9A and wondered if our hawks from last night would be attracted to it. Only one Swainson's Hawk went to the smoke plume. At 9:10A we had lift-off from Ellis Farm and the Date Farm. A kettle formed on the east side of the Date Farm and this drew hawks from Ellis. Eventually the SW's streamed toward us, kettled close by and streamed directly overhead. At 10:30A 3 more Swainson's came in high and moved through Coyote Canyon.

A question today: Do the Swainson's Hawks spend more than a day in Borrego Springs? Most often they do not. They have stayed in the past when food is available. This year, no caterpillars, grasshoppers or ants. So we see the hawks move on to their next stop after spending the night. 

Photo's today from Ernie Cowan. 

Evening Watch:
A beautiful evening with only 15 Swainson's coming in at 6:45P. When I left only one SW had descended. The solo bird landed in Ellis Farm. The remaining 14 SW's were still above the Date Farm.

Once again tomorrow the wind should be light. Check in at the day site to find out where the hawks have roosted. The day site is on DiGiorgio Rd, 2.8 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive. Look for parked cars on the the right side. The hawks will begin to kettle up around 9A. 

A comparison of a TV and SW-Courtesy of Ernie Cowan
Taking Off-Courtesy of Ernie Cowan

Sunset This Evening-HC

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